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Bike helmet saved my life, says Steve

June 23, 2020
The helmet that saved Steve from a serious head injury

A Brightlingsea cyclist has urged other riders to wear a helmet after a serious accident left him in a back brace for two months.

Steve Archer was unconscious for up to 10 minutes after coming off his bike on the cycle path opposite Gate House Farm on the main Brightingsea Road. "Thanks to my cycle helmet, I avoided any injuries to my head. I am convinced the helmet saved me from brain injury or worse," said Steve, who was left with a fractured vertebra and severe bruising after the fall, which occurred at around 8.50am on May 30.

Shortly after joining the cycle path, Steve hit an area of loose gravel and came off his bike. "According to witnesses and paramedics I was unconscious for approximately eight to 10 minutes," he said. Steve was helped by the drivers of two cars  – Steve has been unable to find out who they were – and a nearby resident before an ambulance took him to Colchester A&E, where he was x-rayed and scanned.

Said Steve: "The helmet was only three weeks old and in a perfect, undamaged and safe condition. I really do believe that if I hadn’t been wearing it, I may not be here now. So much so that I have purchased an identical helmet for when I can resume cycling."

• You can see a video of Steve's accident, taken from a CCTV camera, here.

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