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New website gives Covid-19 vaccination information

January 12, 2021
Video shows how vaccination system will operate

A website which gives north east Essex residents a single, comprehensive and accurate source of information about Covid-19 and vaccinations has been launched.

Created by health care experts at the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS), the locally-focused site contains information designed to inform and reassure people during this time, enabling them to protect their own and their families physical and mental wellbeing.

The website includes a walkthrough video showing what residents can expect when arriving for a vaccination and also features:

  • Most up-to-date information on who is eligible to receive the vaccine
  • Latest details of locations of vaccination centres
  • Updates on progress of the local vaccination programme
  • Accurate information on efficacy and safety of the vaccines
  • A Q&A section covering the most commonly asked questions
  • Interviews with people who have received the vaccine and staff who are delivering the programme.

Simon Morgan, communications lead for ICS, said: “We are determined to give local people as much information about the Covid-19 vaccination as we possibly can, in one place.  I hope it will be a useful resource for local people and those communities we serve.  It will be constantly reviewed and kept up to date with videos, information about the roll out of the vaccination and a detailed set of frequently asked questions.  We will add to our videos with virtual tours of the vaccination sites so local people can see what to expect when they are invited to receive their vaccination.”

Dr Ed Garratt, the ICS executive lead, added: “With so many different sources of information, where to turn for accurate facts on coronavirus can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why this website is a great idea and I hope will be a well-used resource. “People can be reassured that this website is a trusted source of local information.”

• Visit the website here: https://sneevaccine.org.uk/

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