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Keep reporting mud on road, urges town council

Brightlingsea Town Council (BTC) is continuing to press for action to be taken over continuing deposits of mud on the B1029.

The council says it share “shares our residents’ justifiable concerns regarding mud on the B1029” from All Saints’ church to Thorrington, largely spread by trucks leaving the quarry off Moverons Lane which is operated by S.R.C Aggregates.

mud 2
Lumps of mud can be seen at the side of the road

Since last autumn, local social media has been inundated with reports of mud and stones on the road, slippery conditions on the hill, broken windscreens and dirt-covered traffic bollards that are all but invisible in the dark.

In a statement, BTC said it is “actively engaging with the relevant business, the local authorities, Essex Police and the county’s enforcement agencies. Despite limited powers, we are vigorously pursuing Essex County Council [the body responsible for highways] to take urgent and appropriate action”.

In November, BTC reported that the quarry operators had closed the site following complaints and pending the installation of a wheel-washing system. Although a washing system is now believed to have been installed, many residents report seeing lumps of mud falling from the underside of vehicles leaving the quarry.

mud 1
A road sweeper is being used to clean the road

S.R.C is sending out a road sweeper to clean the road, but this has been criticised for causing long tailbacks on the main road.

BTC said in its latest statement: “We urge residents to exercise caution while driving and to report any further issues directly to Essex County Council’s Planning Enforcement Team at [email protected].


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