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Brightlingea Virtual Open Gardens 2020

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Lillian's Garden

My little paradise, has kept me going through lockdown. I have only had this garden for one year, very proud, […]

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Full of birdsong, it’s a delight to sit in. A bit wild still in places but we love it. Thanks […]

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Lara's Garden

Overall Description: We are a new build home on the old gas works. After six years our garden has now […]

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Lots of variety

Our garden is divided into different sections the main round grass with border behind which is supposed to go from […]

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Small but colourful

Not very big but has colour. Each year new plants appear and I generally leave them and see what happens

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Sue's little projects

During 'lockdown' I have spent the time trying to break up the boring rectangular back garden of hard landscape and […]

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Our Happy Place

Our garden is small in size, 55ft x 15ft and has been developed over 4 years. When we moved it […]

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Mediterranean Planting

A garden divided into three areas - paved and pergola, gravel/ Mediterranean planting and deck and summer house. water feature […]

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Town Garden

Lots of pots and lots of colour

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Established garden

Our garden is no longer a work in progress. This year if It is growing then it is left where […]

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Creeky Cottage

Creeky Cottage Garden - full of weeds but a great view! We love our garden for its view and beautiful […]

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A restful garden

With woodland shade, a sunny deck and running water, our garden is the perfect place to relax.

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A perfect lockdown location

We have found the garden a wonderful place - we are so lucky to have it at this time. We […]

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Long narrow garden

It's a long narrow garden,half in shade and half sun and dapple. After 13 years we've cracked which plant likes […]

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Not This Year!

From Mike and Dawn Fletcher in Silcott Street “Our tiny garden started as pretty much a blank canvas. I designed […]

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The Tropical Garden

This garden has a tropical feel with a bar and decking / seating area. Planting has an exotic theme with […]

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Greenhouse & Magic Garden

A Lockdown project garden Converting an old dirty greenhouse into a pretty place to sit and read in. Plus a […]

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Mary's Garden

The garden has been taking shape over the last 5 years. Particular favourites of mine are the rose walk and […]

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Sandy Hook Gardens, Church Road

Originally the family home of Captain Wringe of The Americas Cup fame, this has been the family home of the […]

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Jane's garden

My retreat - my quiet place.

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Moverons Garden

We are so lucky to live in the most wonderful place overlooking the Colne Estuary. I love my garden and […]

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Kathy's Garden Part 2

Part 2 This shows some of the creatures, cockerel and his hens, and some interesting shots of the insect life […]

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Kathy's Garden Part 1

Part 1 My garden is a typical English country garden laid out to a series of rooms filled with an […]

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Our Lockdown Haven

Whilst our garden has always been special to us, this year more than ever we have been able to spend […]

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This is a nature friendly garden with a pond full of wildlife, newts, frogs dragonfly’s, we have lots of birds […]

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Courtyard garden

We opened our garden, in Tower Street, into the Open Gardens for the first time in 2019 and were overwhelmed […]

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Our little garden

We have a small garden on the Manor Estate. It gives us a lot of pleasure and we enjoy sitting […]

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My secret garden

My secret garden …. This little garden is tucked away behind Waterside Boatyard. Although small about 80 sq ft, it […]

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Very much, work in progress …

I am very lucky to have a garden with wide views across open fields, the yachts on Brightlingsea Creek, Point […]

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The Best Bits!

We moved into the house 12 years ago, and inherited a lovely garden, we have changed a few things though.The […]

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