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Brightlingsea’s commemoration service details released

Brightlingsea’s commemoration service for Queen Elizabeth II will take place on Sunday, September 18 in the town’s Memorial Gardens at 2pm.

A single ring of seating will be provided in a circle around the edge of the gardens outside the railing for anyone who will find it difficult to stand for health reasons. Stewards will be present to assist members of the community to safely gather outside the gardens, with service participants and designated representatives only inside. Residents are invited to lay wreaths and floral tributes in the memorial gardens until 1.50pm.

A combined choir will provide music before the service, which will feature contributions from all the local churches, Brightlingsea Town Council, the Cinque Port Liberty of Brightlingsea, the Church Lads and Girls Brigade, the Royal British Legion, and the Royal Naval Association.

Bell ringing

The bell of St. James’ Church will be tolled for an hour before the service starts and anyone who wishes to ring the bell should queue outside the church’s High Street entrance door. There is no age limit to participate but children of primary age and younger need to be accompanied by an adult.

Candle lighting and book of Condolence

Those wishing to light a candle or sign the book of Condolence should enter St. James’ Church through the side (accessible) entrance. The book of Condolence is a loose-leaf book as advised by national protocol, so that any inappropriate comments can be removed. Once the official period of mourning ends on September 26 its contents will be placed in a formal volume of Condolence alongside images and text of Brightlingsea’s commemorations. A copy will be taken for Brightlingsea Museum’s archives.

Royal Funeral

On the day fof the royal funeral,  St. James’ Church will be tolled between 10am and 11am when community volunteers are again invited to take part.  It’s planned to show the televised coverage of the preparations and the funeral itself on a  screen inside the church for anyone wishing to watch it in company with others.


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