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Mar 31 2023
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Beach hut rental: “An exciting new business opportunity” says councillor

The Tendring councillor in charge of leisure and tourism has claimed that new leases whicl allow owners to rent out their beach huts on a commercial basis could create more local entrepreneurs and see more people using the huts.

Alex Porter says the new commercial leases, introduced in Tendring District Council’s new beach hut strategy, are “an exciting new business opportunity” and part of a raft of measures “designed to boost opportunities on the district’s seafronts”.

in a public consultation prior to the introduction of the new strategy, many beach hut owners said they were against rental. While it brings in extra cash for some, the use of the huts for parties and large family gatherings has annoyed other owners.

Under the new rules leases will replace rental agreements. Private owners will have permission to rent out their huts for up to 10 days a year, with commercial leases available for those wanting to let huts out for longer.

Cllr Porter claimed the move would boost opportunities on the district’s seafronts. “This could be an opportunity to start a new business and help to support our tourist economy,” he said.

He added: “While the full business case and more detailed work is being drawn up, current and future beach hut owners are being urged to think about how they could grab the opportunities presented. We are hoping to see a boom of local entrepreneurs along the Essex Sunshine Coast.”

The cost of the new leases has not yet been released, but the council suggests that the commercial versions will be double that of a personal-use lease and will be based on market value with the rate dependent on location.


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